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Embarking on an exploration beyond the ordinary, we venture into the uncharted territories of our own desires and dreams. Deep within each of us resides a spark of excitement, a flame of curiosity that flickers with the promise of adventure. ((Most cases the financing…. I know right?).

Ah, the allure of the unknown! The world stretches out before us like an intricate tapestry woven with the threads of cultures, landscapes, and experiences. It beckons us to step beyond the boundaries of the familiar and explore its hidden corners. It is said that the most worthwhile treasures lie just beyond the comfort zone, waiting for the intrepid souls willing to chase them.

There is always this particular question that comes up; “if you are giving the opportunity to be anywhere in the world where will you go”?? While some people have their list ready, some don’t and some of the places in your list are too popular. The world is vast, and so is its capacity to amaze and inspire.

So, dreamers and adventurers, join in on this adventurous journey, to expand your bucket list.  ARE YOU READY!!!!


Rainbow is one of the wonders many people cannot get over and some people always wish to see it more often, in case you have always had a thing for rainbows, this is for you. There is this amazing and stunning rainbow mountain in North West China, located within Zhangye Danxia Geopark in Gansu province, the view is spectacular, and you can gaze at the glorious colors, (just like the good old childhood days, we get excited when we see a rainbow in the sky). These colorful formations composed of layers of sandstone and minerals which are over twenty-four million years old. (Don’t get too carried away and forget to take pictures.)


Moving to New Zealand, there is a famous cave known as the Waitomo caves, it comprises of four different and unique caves including:  Ruakuri Cave, Lucky Strike, and Tumutumu Cave and the glowworm cave.  Although these four caves are worth exploring, the focus here is on the Glowworm Caves. This cave has been a center of attraction since 1880s and this cave is a special specie of glow-worm that are only found in New Zealand. Wonder through the cave and get mesmerized by this amazing presence as you go on a boat ride through the grotto of the glow worm.  (shiiii!!…. glow-worms don’t appreciate noise, so keep that excitement in).




Have you ever been in a fairy tale? That’s the feeling you will get on arriving at this castle, talk about beauties, then you are talking about this castle. Neuschwanstein castle is located on the green hills in Bavarian Alps, in a village of Hohenschwangau. From the castle are a lot of magnificent views that you won’t want to miss.  With a tour guide you will learn the history of the castle especially how today it has become part of the UNESCO World Heritage and how it happens to be one of last significant palaces since 19th Century.



Here is to everyone who loves love!! Tunnel of Love is one place that you have to visit, a belief about this tunnel is that most love tends to last forever after they touch down this tunnel, hence why many people will consider the tunnel of love over Paris, the city of love. (What are you waiting for, plan that vacation with your partner!!). At the heart of Kleven town in Ukraine, lies a green 4 kilometer corridor with a railway in the middle and surrounded by trees that are lined up in arch, this railway was built for military purpose during the cold war. For the locals around there, they believe that once you make a wish there with sincerity that it will always come true, (there isn’t any harm in trying…..) .
That weeding you are planning without a venue yet; this is a perfect place to take those vows and begin your journey to forever.



Have you seen that cave with abilities to change color depending on the season? (that’s more than real). In Patagonia in Chile, through the always occurring actions caused by the water over some thousand years back, this beautiful cave was brought to life. Getting closer to the cave, you will notice a crystal tortoise water, that comes from the lake and what makes this water stand out is the fact that it produces the most beautiful reflection you can ever imagine. (When you are ready to tour the world…. Never forget the Marble Cave).

As for the color change, these changes vary on how low or high the water is at any point in time. During the November through February, glaciers do not melt and at this period the water is not high and the colors are less vibrant making you notice navy blue hues, while when the glaciers must have melted, the colors now range from cobalt blue to white and to pink.


So, dear dreamer, adventurer, and seeker of the extraordinary, carry this spirit with you. Let your bucket list become a canvas painted with a myriad of colors, each stroke representing a moment of courage and curiosity. And as you continue your journey, whether it leads you to the remote corners of the Earth or the recesses of your own heart, remember that the beauty of life lies in the pursuit of the undiscovered, the appreciation of the unexpected, and the unwavering belief that there is always more to explore, more to experience, and more to embrace.

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