Can The Benefit Of Smoking Be More Than The Hazard? (Find Out)

Can the benefit of smoking be more than the hazard?  it’s no news that smoking is bad, or has been regarded as bad. However, People still smoke. Do they know something that we don’t? Even when it’s clearly written that ”smokers are liable to die young,”


The smoking majority would not easily give up on it, and let’s be factual, everything with a disadvantage has an advantage, besides if there was no benefit, wouldn’t it be illegal?

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This article helps in juxtaposing the  benefits and hazards of smoking and helps decide, for smokers if quitting is worth it or not and if non smokers could start or not.


Studies have shown that nicotine causes pleasant feelings and takes away or subsidizes the unpleasant feelings from those who use it.

can the benefits of smoking be more than the hazard?

True, smoking was proven to have been able to prevent Alzheimer’s dementia, less dysmenorrhea compared to non smokers. perhaps, more advantages would be found in coming generations, but right this moment, the disadvantages however, ranges from cancer of the throat, lungs, stomach, kidney, and many more others.


Having bad breath and being looked down  upon in some societies is just one of the many disadvantages it has. Are you  ready to have the risk of cancer in untoward parts of your body in the hopes of avoiding a rare alzheimer’s? That’s your choice to make. However, find out more from the upcoming edition of UncutXtra Magazine coming up next week.

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