Lagos Fashion Week: A 3-Day Show of Color, Class, and Style

The Lagos Fashion Week kicked off on 27, October 2021 and came to a close on 30, October 2021. It accompanied the wind-up of the London Fashion Week held in September. Hashtagged, The Future Starts Now, the Lagos Fashion Week met with a lot of runway shows, presentations, events, digital content, and activations at Federal Palace Hotel where it held, as well as across Lagos in the 3-day period.

While there are a handful of established and upcoming designers who made it, the Octobeevent opens the masses up to inventive fashion ideas. For the bulk of people who cannot afford the burgeoning costs of a particular designer, they can take a cue from ideas and trends that the Lagos Fashion event throws open. Hence, asides from being an opportunity for new and established designers to showcase their art, one can thus sample ideas for a replica from what they see on the red carpet. Check out some of the best fashion styles at the Lagos Fashion Week:


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