Christmas happens to be many people’s favorite season of the year. It marked the arrival of the harmattan, turning kids almost white and leading to endless lotion applications. Our Mothers became relentless in battling the dry weather, making us glow with Vaseline. those were the days!

Heading to the village was a highlight since it meant a reunion with cousins and endless playtime before school resumed. The festive atmosphere kept everyone busy with preparations, whether for a family wedding or Grandpa’s birthday. This is one holiday that when we get home, we aren’t forced to read our books because everybody is busy with preparations.  And of course, there was always that one aunt who squeezed the life out of you with hugs they make statements like “Ohh you are so big, Bunmi of yesterday, I remember when they gave birth to you, you were so tiny” and you have to fake smile because mummy warned you to smile earlier. Yes, all of us had that aunty.

The holiday also brought about friendly competition among families, especially in dressing up for Christmas. The ultimate bragging rights went to the kid whose mom not only got a Christmas dress but also matched it perfectly with accessories (eyeglasses, wristwatches, and handbags). You are the real Boss Babies!

For the boys, the days leading up to Christmas were filled with inventive games, from shooting toy guns made of pipes to crafting noisy gadgets like ‘Agadagbo’ to impress the girls while protecting them from toy gun battles.

And who could forget the iconic Christmas movie “Home Alone”?  Kevin got all of us thinking. Some of us had to sneak out of the house to go see the movie and by 7pm we heard Mummy shouting Tosin!!! Because obviously, night food is ready.

Christmas day itself was a fashion show, you need to see all of us looking like we are coming out straight from heaven because what are all these drips. Let’s even take a moment to narrate our drip; you remember that coat they used to buy for us that even if you wear for 5 years it will never fit your body and then your over- size shoe that mummy will use paper to support because they don’t want you to outgrow it, you now add that your eyeglass for completeness. I see you Emmanuel, yes, you just checked out the Christmas drip!!!

Then there was always that one girl who took it a notch higher, Omobola, she will not allow us to rest ooo, flaunting her beautifully plaited hair adorned with noisy beads, walking like she owned the place, and speaking high-flown English, making all of us roll our eyes. metcheeeww

But as the clock ticked towards January 5th, the inevitable return to school loomed, marking the end of the festive season and the return to routine. Well, we look forward to another Christmas.

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