Renowned Model Mimi Tamer judging the runway at Fashion Week Turkiye 2024

Mimi Tamer, the acclaimed international runway model, has firmly established herself as a rising star in the fashion industry. Her presence not only adds sophistication to the fashion community but also heightens the anticipation of fashion enthusiasts as she takes center stage as the showstopper for various events.

Long before she graced the runway and adorned the cover of D Fashion Magazine Issue, Mimi Tamer was just like any other fashion-loving millennial.

Her dedication has paid off significantly. This year marks a breakthrough for Mrs. Mimi Tamer, from her groundbreaking appearance as a guest walking model in SSF 2023 to her latest role as a judge for Fashion Week Turkiye 2024.

Featured exclusively in Photohouse magazine, Mrs. Mimi Tamer radiates joy as the crowned Mrs. Universe Asia USA-2023.

Mrs. Mimi Tamer, the proud winner of Mrs. Universe Asia USA 2023, stands as a symbol of empowerment, proudly presenting herself to the universe under the guidance and mentorship of our esteemed National Director, Shreyaa Sumi.

Winning the Mrs. Universe Asia USA Title not only brings prestigious accolades but also grants the coveted opportunity to participate in the renowned Mrs. Universe competition.

The successful execution of Season-1 for Mrs. Universe Asia USA featured a virtual audition, transcending borders to attract international talent while specifically representing the Asian-American community. This initiative is driven by a noble mission to empower women worldwide and advocate against domestic violence.

Istanbul eagerly awaits the grand event, Fashion Week Turkiye, where numerous international designers and models will participate. Mimi Tamer, a Middle Eastern model, will serve as a judge for the designers, with special thanks to the president of this prestigious event, EMRAH KAYİHAN.


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