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Music is an art expressed in various forms and we’ve seen lots of talented, young, and vibrant artists in London that try to express their connection to the universe through their art. Uncut Xtra’s Kesi Steven interviewed one of such artists – 23-year-old Shae Universe, a Nigerian-born, British Singer-Songwriter to discuss Music, Women empowerment, the Pandemic, Race and loads more in this captivating round of questions and answers.

1 -Who is Shae Universe? ( A broad question I know, tell me whatever comes to mind)

Shae Universe is a singer/songwriter, actress, and all-around creative who was born in Nigeria and raised in the UK.

2- The universe has many different meanings and symbolism for different people, cultures, and religions. For some it’s everything we are and encompass, for others, it’s an infinite space filled with unimaginable wonders, etc.

What does the universe mean to you and how do you channel that through yourself and your music?

 Personally, I see the universe as a limitless space of the unknown. A bit like life. In life we don’t know what will come our way each day, all we can do is life and grow whilst we have the chance. I’ve always been the type to question limitations in general, and this developed into a full-on resistance when I became my own artist and realized how much people tried to put me in a box. I believe I am capable of anything I put my mind to and my resistance against limitations manifests in the form of my versatile, bold, and daring personality, personal style, and general drive in life.

 3- How has being a Nigerian-born artist, raised in the UK impacted/shaped your identity and presence within this world?

That’s a really big question. I was 4 years old when I moved to the UK from Nigeria so I can’t fully remember everything that was affected by that move in detail however I do remember having a super-strong sense of identity from a very young age; knowing exactly where I came from and a culture that I loved so much. This sense of identity was crucial as moving to the UK, though it gave me a much wider sense of opportunity, also altered my sense of self, and even stifled my self-confidence in ways as a result of living in a westernized society,

 4- The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have impacted people and creatives in different ways. Some people have felt blocked, lost, and have really struggled due to anxiety and uncertainty, whilst others have thrived, and have been able to tap into their creative energy more due to the isolation and sense of peace.

“How has the pandemic and lockdown restrictions impacted your ability to tap into yourself and your creative energy?”

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