London Fashion Week: The Grand Finale

Coming up with great FASHION DESIGNS is a creative process. It entails a whole lot of work put together particularly for the very fact that the fashion sector has such a high environmental cost. It is believed that dealing with Fashion is a complicated task. A good number of people struggle to come up with impressive fashion styles and combinations. It is the more reason why fashion designers abound and why great events such as the London Fashion Week are put together. First, to serve as a reference point for replicating stunning fashion pieces, and second to grow new and established acts in the global fashion scene.

As for the London Fashion Week, it is a fashion trade expo held in London in February and September every year. For this year’s edition, thousands of fashionistas arrived at London following the Coronavirus epidemic which took 18 months to recover.

Burberry and Victoria Beckham who are the two famous brands were absent, giving room for new talented fashion luminaries to take centre stage. The cynosure of all eyes at the biannual event was the Street Style At London Fashion Week which is open to spot people that wear the latest designs or outfits on the streets. See pictures below:

Opinion: The words derived as FASHION means a popular or the latest style of clothing, designs, while FASHION DESIGNS is the art of applying design, clothing construction, and natural beauty to clothing. There is no need to introduce Fashion Designers!

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