Kanye West, Sarz, and God in the Eyes of A Prodigy

Africa is blessed with immense talents. One aspect of her God-given talent is her music. The greatness of her music is seen in the way afrobeats is fast gaining acceptance on the international scene. While top acts like Burna Boy and Wizkid are breaking frontiers with the mother sound, it is important to recognise producers as the architects of that process. There are many music producers on the continent and they all deserve credits for their respective inputs. Perhaps one music producer that is revered amongst producers is Sarz.

The description “Sarz is not your mate” perhaps underscores the legend’s repute. His music production prowess is unrivaled, especially for someone who has gone several years in the game without losing allure and relevance — from producing for Wizkid to being responsible for major hits by rising acts like Wurld. Sarz has continued to dish out jawbreakers as evident in his recent project with fast rising act, Lojay.

A particular song from that project titled Love and Attention is the infectious rave, “Monalisa”. The song basks an euphonious rhythm that not only enthralls listeners but equally penetrates the soul. The magisterial delivery of the beat comes from years of experience and this is more evident in the distinctiveness that donned the amapiano bounce of the song.

Indeed, there is no hit without a beat. The artiste or musician can only do their bit but the beat and melody combine to form the soul that keeps and holds any music. “Monalisa” is proof of this. The thump of the beat assisted by the sway of African shakers already sets the mood for dance. The guitar riffs that succeed the chorus alongside the sonorous yowl-like pad is celestially pitched — all of which bolsters the dexterity of the music oracle.

For every eight bars, Sarz introduces or infuses a different twist to the beat. It is important to observe that this was deftly done so the listener doesn’t get used to a particular sound on the song. This is what takes away vapidity off songs. Very few producers understand this verity in music especially when it comes to arrangement.

While Lojay’s vocals sat well with the Sarz produced song, what is more tantalizingly indulging is how each eight bar of the song feels like a different session. The listener is hearing the same thing but each phase is spruced up with novel perks that buoys up the entire song. In essence, Lojay blessed us with his mellifluous vocals but Sarz brought life to the song with his production command which culminates in a sizzling experience similar to a mind-blowing live performance.

However, there is only one producer in Africa who carries the sum and substance of Sarz. He is the hand behind many Africa’s evergreen showpieces. He is an orifice and emblem of ingenuity, depth, and originality. On the upcoming edition of Uncut Xtra magazine, he talks Kayne West, God, amidst producing for Africa’s top sensations, Wizkid, Olamide, Tiwa Savage, Fireboy, amongst others. Find out who on the sixth volume of Uncut Xtra magazine.

Photo credit: Pan African Music

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