Men’s Fashion. (A mistake you should never make)

Now guys, it’s high time you paid attention. If you’ve read up to this sentence, it means you are either dope with your outfits and want to see what I have to say or you’re looking to be dope with your outfits.


Now while the ladies….the well brought up ladies wouldn’t say these to your face especially in a direct and hurting way, there are certain things that you wear that you’d be considered gross for even if they aren’t really gross.

It’s a trend that men were quality native attires and even go as far as looking good on it, but some of them actually soil the whole look by wearing slides on it. No, now that, is a fashion blunder. Please dear, do not spoil your Clothes and overall fashion sense by putting on slides ….no matter how New, expensive or dope it is, on a killer native wear because you just made yourself casual. Not that it’s all bad, just that it makes you look casual and if that not the look you’re hoping for, please stay away from it.

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Also, wearing too tight pants doesn’t make you look cool and neither is it healthy for you. So for your own good and for that of those who Kay eyes on you, let your fashion sense be as important to you as your credit cards.

There are many more mistakes guys shouldn’t make at all when it comes to fashion, stay tuned on this page for more and do not forget to engage and share your thoughts in the comment section.


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