Reality Shows And The Complexities Of Politics

If it boiled down to one choice between Politics and Reality shows, many may avoid the former or may well agree that they have very little in common.

Having made it that Politics is serious Business and Reality shows are a way to relive stress or take a break from life, it should be noted that reality shows may be more political than you think.

It is not a new saying that “Politics is a game of numbers and one in which the smartest wins the game, but are reality shows any different?

These two concepts are far similar than meets the eye. Politics and Reality shows have so much more in common and with the right context, can even be interchanged.

Ranging from the fact that candidates involved needs votes to emerge as winners, they have to play games, We shouldn’t omit the fact that they need votes and there is always a duration winners are expected to stay on for.

They both have fans and need support from the masses, they are Popular- or become popular through these mediums and there is always a runner up and a winner which eventually turns out to be a leader, leading the masses in certain ways.


In life, Politics can be found in the smallest unit of the society and in that reality show would rather watch to unwind. So when relaxing from a long day, when watching a reality show or whatever you do to unwind, have it at the back of your mind that your every thought, every decision matters and that life is a reality of Political shows and everything you do or do not do can make it all worse, or better.

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